Marc Grossriether

Marc Grossriether——扉“玻璃”饰品
在法国拥有 Mise au Verre 彩画玻璃作坊的 Marc Grossriether ,提倡以传统工艺为当代艺术作表达服务,目前他的工作主要是修复和设计室内的彩画玻璃,并教授彩画玻璃技术课。为扉卖品特别设计的玻璃饰品,是他对这项工艺的表达方式的一种尝试,不起眼的玻璃材料经过变性绘制,也可是如此多彩,如此调皮有趣。
Marc Grossriether---“Fei” Glass Jewelry
Marc Grossriether is owner of Mise au Verre stained glass workshop in France. He maintains that traditional arts and crafts should serve the expression of contemporary art. His main occupation at present is to renovate and design the interior stained glass as well as to teach techniques of glass painting. The jewelries he designed for Fei Boutique is another try in this field. It is amazing that the ordinary glass, after being painted, can be turned into something so colorful and intriguing.